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The TSHA Digital Library includes more than 100 volumes of the Southwestern Historical Quarterly journal, 60 editions of the biennial Texas Almanac, several digital copies of out-of-print titles from TSHA Press, and more!

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TSHA eBooks
TSHA develops eBooks that focus on special topics, commemorate the contributions of groups of people that shape Texas history or highlight trending area of research on Texas history.
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Texas Almanac Archive
The Texas Almanac is revised with the latest information for every edition, including the 254 county maps and our population estimates for every Texas town. Inside you’ll find all of the latest facts and features of this great state, as well as timely feature articles.
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TSHA Press
TSHA Press is the state’s longest-running publisher of books on Texas history, in existence since 1918. Through the years, we have established a reputation as a publisher of high-quality, award-winning books on topics as varied as exploration, biography, architecture, historic sites, football, labor and suburbanization.
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Southwestern Historical Quarterly (SHQ)
Published since our founding in 1897, the Southwestern Historical Quarterly is the premier journal on the history of Texas and the Southwest.
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Texas Historian
The Texas Historian is dedicated to publishing the work of secondary students in Texas. First issued in 1941 under the title Junior Historian, it was founded on the belief that Texas boys and girls are competent to collect and document the history of their communities and to produce writing worthy of publication.
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Annual Meeting Programs
TSHA's Annual Meeting has, for 126 years, brought together academics, students and history enthusiasts to learn, share and celebrate the storied history of Texas. Annual Meeting Programs are a piece of history themselves, as they chronicle the important research and ideas of their respective years.
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Riding Line Newsletter Archive
Discontinued in 2020, the Riding Line was a print newsletter featuring news and updates regarding TSHA's staff, board, fellows and scholars as well as news of events of interest to Members and friends.
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Touchstone is the undergraduate research journal of the Walter Prescott Webb Historical Society, our college-level educational program.
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We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, all proceeds support our many programs and publications.