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Bernardo de Galvez and the Impact of the American Revolution on Texas

On November 2, 2015, Dr. Caroline Castillo Crimm presented “Bernardo de Galvez and the Impact of the American Revolution on Texas.” Galvez is the namesake for Galveston Island and he was a governor, general and viceroy of Mexico. During his lifetime his family was one of the most distinguished in the royal service of Spain. Following family tradition, Bernardo chose a military career. Before Spain entered the American Revolutionary War, Gálvez did much to aid the American patriots. He corresponded directly with Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, and Charles Henry Lee, personally received their emissaries, Oliver Pollock and Capt. George Gibson, and responded to their pleas by securing the port of New Orleans so that only American, Spanish, and French ships could move up and down the Mississippi River. Without Galvez the United States may not have won the American Revolution. Also, the first cattle drive took place in Texas due to Galvez’s orders to feed Spanish forces in Louisiana. More than 10,000 cattle were rounded up on ranches and missions in Bexar and La Bahia. Texas rancheros and vaqueros trailed herds to Nacogdoches, Natchitoches, and Opelousas for distribution to feed Gálvez's forces. Crimm's rebroadcast also includes the Q&A live program along with smaller topical segments.

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