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Houston: Past, Present & Progress

Since its founding in 1836, the city of Houston rocketed from a modest, small town of twelve to a thriving metropolis at the center of incredible innovations in medicine, science, and space exploration. The rise of “Space City” has played a pivotal role in the economic prosperity and leadership of the Lone Star State at the national level. As the city has grown, the contributions of Houstonians have grown as well, leaving behind lasting legacies for historians to document and share.

As part of the release of the Handbook of Houston, TSHA is proud to offer Houston: Past, Present, and Progress. This eBook includes:

  • A full 128 pages focused on Houston’s civic leadership, business, immigration, society, law and order, and arts and culture. 

  • The effect of Jesse Jones on city development and politics. 

  • Biographies of other notable Houstonians who developed iconic businesses, universities, and landmarks.

  • Houston's advances in scientific research in space exploration and medicine.

Fifteen related articles from the Southwestern Historical Quarterly.

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