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Redefining the Immigrant South: A Conversation with Dr. Uzma Quraishi

Blending Cold War, Southern, and urban history, Dr. Uzma Quraishi’s research looks at the history of South Asian migration to Houston, Texas. This migration of Indians and Pakistanis pre-dated the 1965 immigration reform, and it expanded after the milestone law. Dr. Quraishi examines the experiences of middle-class, urbanized Indians and Pakistanis who sought higher education in a city transitioning out of Jim Crow. In this talk, with moderator and Sam Houston State University colleague Dr. Jeffrey Littlejohn, Dr. Quraishi introduces her book Redefining the Immigrant South: Indian and Pakistani Immigration to Houston During the Cold War (UNC Press, 2020) which explores the interplay of race, place, ethnicity and class over time in a changing region and nation.

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