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Sam Houston: Hero of San Jacinto

Sam Houston is one of the most illustrious political figures in Texas history, having served as the first regularly elected president of the Republic of Texas, a U.S. senator following annexation, and governor of Texas. Additionally, Houston was a decorated war hero as the major general of the revolutionary army. His contributions to the Lone Star State’s formation are rivalled by few others and were crucial to Texas independence.

Discover how Houston’s military and political success laid a solid foundation for the Lone Star State’s future. In this fifth eBook in our Road to the Texas Revolution series, you will read more about:

  • Sam Houston’s life and career as a military leader and politician

  • The Runaway Scrape, the flight of Texans from their homes during Santa Anna’s attempted conquest of Texas

  • The adoption of the Texas Declaration of Independence

  • Houston’s leadership during the Battle of San Jacinto, the military engagement that resulted in ultimate victory for the Texans

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