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San Antonio: 300 years of History

In celebration of the city’s Tricentennial, the Texas State Historical Association is proud to present this special e-Book, San Antonio: 300 Years of History. Drawn from the resources of the Handbook of Texas and the Southwestern Historical Quarterly, this compilation offers a sampling of some of the many places, people, and events that have shaped the colorful history of the Alamo City. San Antonio has played a vital role in the formation of Texas—from the founding of Mission San Antonio de Valero in 1718 to the poignant conflict of the Texas Revolution. The Alamo City’s rich heritage also includes a remarkable diversity of ethnicities underscoring its standing as a crossroads of cultures. This diversity is reflected in the industry, art, architecture, music, festivals, and cuisine of the city and creates the unique ambience that San Antonio proudly carries today.

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