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The Life of Stephen F. Austin

Stephen F. Austin’s contributions to the Lone Star State made a lasting impression on the state’s history. He is commonly referred to as the “Father of Texas,” as the story of the Lone Star State’s independence begins with Austin. Before his death, he began the American colonization of Texas, presided over the Convention of 1832, and served as Secretary of State of the Republic of Texas.

Learn more about the fascinating life of Stephen F. Austin in this first eBook in the Road to the Texas Revolution series. In this eBook, you will read more about:

  • Austin’s journey from manager of the family general store to Secretary of State of the Republic of Texas

  • Moses Austin, the father of Stephen F. Austin

  • The Mexican colonization laws which served as stimulus to the Texas Revolution

  • The “Old Three Hundred” colonists who received land grants in Austin’s first colony

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